Posted by: tankofalltrades | December 10, 2009

Philly vs. RMRG with Caesar and Tank on the call

This past November at the WFTDA Nationals, Cinderella story The Rocky Mountain Roller Girls collided with host and number 1 seed from the East, the Philly Roller Girls. What transpired was a clash between two top tier teams in a game that could not be decided in the standard 60 minutes of play and was forced to go into overtime.

Listed below are links to the entire game. Enjoy.

Philly vs. RMRG Half 1 Part 1 5/45

Philly vs. RMRG Half 1 Part 2 6/45

Philly vs. RMRG Half 1 Part 3 7/45

Philly vs. RMRG Half Time 8/45

Philly vs. RMRG Half 2 Part 1 9/45

Philly vs. RMGR Half 2 Part 2 10/45

Philly vs. RMRG Half 2 Part 3 Conclusion of game with OT 11/45



  1. I relive that game almost every night while lying in bed – no lie. In my opinion it tops the Gotham vs Philly bout – cause I learned so much from playing such a different style of game.

    I hope to clash with the West again – real soon!

    • I just want to point out that Teflon Donna 1. read my blog and 2. that means she knows who I am. That just made my day.

  2. That was one of the funnest games I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch or announce. Of course I will never apologize enough for my “first overtime game in a tournament” mistake on the mic. Watching those clips, you’d think Tank and I have announced a game or two together before- go figure! Looking forward to doing it again soon, bro.

  3. Well I didn’t know you had a blog until you wrote about Philly – thats when it popped up in my Google Alerts.

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