Posted by: tankofalltrades | October 2, 2009

Western Regionals Previews

West Regionals: Derby on the Rocks
Dates: October 2-4
Location: Denver, Colorado

Dear readers, sorry for the late posting and poor quality of this blog. I have been dealing with a personal crisis this week. Last Tuesday my power company informed me I owed the three thousand dollars. Allow me to repeat that in numbers, $3,000 dollars. After a week filled with stress, depression, and an uncountable amount of hours on the phone straightening this mess out it turns out I owed them a grand total of 70 dollars. When the meter reader read my meter he accidentally hit the 3 button twice, thus charging me for 33,000 used watts instead of 3,000. Thank you Duke Energy for wasting multiple hours of my time and scratching a few years off my life.

It’s hard to believe that 3 weeks has passed and we have 9 teams out of 30 who have punched a ticket to Nationals. It’s only appropriate that we finish the regionals out in the most unpredictable tournament yet. I mean seriously where to begin at? Oly has the number 1 spot in the tournament but has played a grand total of 5 WFTDA games (which they won all of). Rose City and Denver both came within ten points of beating them. Rat City and B.A.D. Have been running the left coast for years. And we all know that Duke City loves playing the role of a spoiler. Pikes Peak and Rocky Mountain have also tasted success. Tucson has made it back to a regionals tournament and Angel City steps into it’s first ever WFTDA tournament. My advice to anyone watching this weekend is to pack an extra face, because I get the feeling Derby on the Rocks is going to rock your’s off.

1.Oly Rollers: Oly played their first WFTDA sanctioned travel bout on 1/18/2009, today they are the number 1 seed in the west. How has such a young team gone so far in so short a time? Well having Blonde An Bitchin’ and D-Bomb on your roster never hurt anyone, except the teams playing them. Oly has also put up a minimum of 157 points in these 5 games (twice eclipsing the 200 point barrier). Two of those victories are over seeds 2 and 3, Denver and Rose City respectively. While Oly has talent, they have never played in a 3 day tournament before and this is a whole different best from playing a game once a month. I think that Oly has a great shot of making nationals, but I am not sold on them having the number 1 seed coming out of the west, especially with a more experienced Denver right behind them.

2.Denver Roller Dolls: The Dolls have been on a tear this season, going 6-1, with their only loss coming to Oly by a scant 2 points. They have also broke the century mark in every game they have played this season. Denver took their lumps early on in their career and have really brought it together in the past year. They are looking strong, plus they are playing on their home court with zero travel involved unlike the other leagues. Denver is my pony that I am putting money on to win the whole thing and walk out with the number 1 seed from the West.

3.Rose City Rollers: Rose has gone 4-1 this season. While thats not much in the way of quantity, this record has a lot of quality to it. They opened the season getting upset by Oly by 6 points, after that they went on to beat top tier west regional sister leagues Rat City, B.A.D, and Duke City. They also took out the Carolina Rollergirls on this run. Rose has talent and can play in big games, but I question if their light scheduling in terms of how many bouts they played this season will come back to haunt them, having only played 5 games total this year, they will play almost half their season in one weekend. Rose certainly has a shot of making nationals, but its not a guarantee by any stretch of the imagination.

4.Rat City Rollergirls: Rat City was one of the original powerhouses of the WFTDA. They have been playing other leagues and winning big games since 2006, thus bringing a ton of experience into this regional tournament but all is not well in the land of Starbucks, flannel, and incredibly overpriced housing costs. Rat City has played 9 bouts this season but have a record of 4-5, their first losing record ever. Rat did play top quality competition with those loses coming from tough battles with Charm City, Rose City, and Windy City who they played incredibly tight, but it also includes blow out losses to Denver and Philly. Rat City is one of the few west coast teams I have gotten a chance to see live and they are very impressive, however I question if they will be able to close out a close game if they get involved in one in this tournament which is likely to happen. Rat has a good shot at going to Nationals, but they also have a good shot at not making it as well. Only time and this weekend will tell us who they really are.

5.Bay Area Derby Girls: B.A.D has been having a bad year. Sitting at 1-4 on the season is not an impressive record but you must also consider the strength of schedule they played. This has been a rebuilding year for them, especially with the retirement of Kitt Turbo among others. I know they played Texas tight but they also weren’t playing the best of the best that TXRG has to offer either. B.A.D. Won’t be going to Nationals, but the new girls who are playing for them this season are going to cap off the year with valuable experience from this regional and that is going to pay major dividends next year at this time.

6.Duke City Derby: Duke City is always going to be known for their Cinderella story in 2008 when they upset then defending WFTDA champions, Kansas City. Since then they have played 13 games and went 4-9. We all like Duke City, we dig their sweet skeleton t-shirts, and how can anyone hate a victorious underdog, but I don’t see Nationals in the cards for them this year.

7.Pikes Peak Derby Dames: Pikes has gotten beat and beat handily by top tier competition all year long including losses to Denver, Oly, and Boston. Pikes isn’t going to get to Nationals this year.

8.Rocky Mountain Rollergirls: Rocky Mountain has played some tight games this year against some great teams. They beat Houston, who will be making their first appearance at Nationals and only lost to Windy City by 39 points a year ago. I can see them going up the rankings by the end of this tournament but not making the big dance.

9.Tucson Roller Derby: It’s nice to see Tucson back in a regionals tournament. One of the original leagues in the world is going to try and make a run back to the top but it’s not going to be easy for them. They are 1-2 on the season and the last 2 games they played resulted in those losses. Their last game was in August, but before that it was in February. I am not expecting much but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

10.Angel City Derby Girls: Angel City is coming into their first regional with this appearance. This will be a great learning experience and going up in rankings, no matter how small, would and should be considered a nice accomplishment.

Well that closes out the 2009 Regionals for us. Thanks to everyone who is reading my blog, it means a lot. Keep coming back as I plan to keep writing editorial pieces about the world of derby. So until next time, remember to live your life two minutes at a time.


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